Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lunch, Beggars and Emotions

While waiting the dishes to be serve on the table, a lady approached us, from the way she speaks, we all can tell, she definitely came from China. Being emotional guys like me, thoughts hit me again, wonder how she survives here without her friends and family? How come she ends up here? So the guys start all their gossips…gosh~!! Looking at each other while waiting for the foods, we chat a little…anything that mind thoughts of…the old ceiling fan turning while the clock tick ticking…from far, one of my colleague said,” eh, so hak yi (one of the Chinese most famous beggar) coming our way” and we turn around…I sees a real beggar, with dirty clothes and bag on his shoulder walking toward the restaurant. Step by steps, he’s moving closer forwards us, then he stop and laughed alone standing about 4 shops away from our table( the restaurant is actually an open air, decent and old looking shop built with woods and aluminums topped) we can’t smell anything from him as he was so far away, I take a little peep at him, wah! hip hop nya the beggar, the shirt he wearing was so dirty and huge, and the track bottom was dark blue and of course, is too huge for him…I can see him very clearly, he was young, age around late 20s to mid 30s,his hairs was terrible! Natural dreadlock…messy, big bunch and dirty too…I wonder what he’s thinking in his head that make him laugh. I wonder what’s on earth that he became like this, where was his parents??? Seriously, I felt pitying him being this way, I understand that there would be a very lucky person living and there will be very poor person like him, life was never a fair and equals to everyone. Slowly he walk towards our table but he passing us from the back…can you imagine that his “long time never shower, washed clothes, hairs and stuff “ smells?? It was freaking terrible!!! Anyway, there was a ceiling rightly on top of us, so the smell went off quickly…lucky man! Long time before today, I actually encountered many of these people who ended up that way, sympathy and sad to see them like that, but as a normal person and low profile person, I can’t do anything but pray to God above for them to raise again rather than ending their life that way. I still remember when I was walking around crowds at a night market, I saw an old lady hugging a new born baby begging for money and sympathies…where she get the baby from?? Who were the parents? The next day I voiced out in front my colleagues, they were saying that the baby might rent from someone to them so they can get more money from begging around night market, shopping centers, and train stations or even at the walkways or Sky Bridge. Sad but true, that’s the life we all talking about, rich and poor, (actually I kind of afraid I’ll turn like them in the future, too good to be true, I’m learning my ways to become a better person and helps myself away from ending up with them. Cheers^^

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