Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lunch, Beggars and Emotions

While waiting the dishes to be serve on the table, a lady approached us, from the way she speaks, we all can tell, she definitely came from China. Being emotional guys like me, thoughts hit me again, wonder how she survives here without her friends and family? How come she ends up here? So the guys start all their gossips…gosh~!! Looking at each other while waiting for the foods, we chat a little…anything that mind thoughts of…the old ceiling fan turning while the clock tick ticking…from far, one of my colleague said,” eh, so hak yi (one of the Chinese most famous beggar) coming our way” and we turn around…I sees a real beggar, with dirty clothes and bag on his shoulder walking toward the restaurant. Step by steps, he’s moving closer forwards us, then he stop and laughed alone standing about 4 shops away from our table( the restaurant is actually an open air, decent and old looking shop built with woods and aluminums topped) we can’t smell anything from him as he was so far away, I take a little peep at him, wah! hip hop nya the beggar, the shirt he wearing was so dirty and huge, and the track bottom was dark blue and of course, is too huge for him…I can see him very clearly, he was young, age around late 20s to mid 30s,his hairs was terrible! Natural dreadlock…messy, big bunch and dirty too…I wonder what he’s thinking in his head that make him laugh. I wonder what’s on earth that he became like this, where was his parents??? Seriously, I felt pitying him being this way, I understand that there would be a very lucky person living and there will be very poor person like him, life was never a fair and equals to everyone. Slowly he walk towards our table but he passing us from the back…can you imagine that his “long time never shower, washed clothes, hairs and stuff “ smells?? It was freaking terrible!!! Anyway, there was a ceiling rightly on top of us, so the smell went off quickly…lucky man! Long time before today, I actually encountered many of these people who ended up that way, sympathy and sad to see them like that, but as a normal person and low profile person, I can’t do anything but pray to God above for them to raise again rather than ending their life that way. I still remember when I was walking around crowds at a night market, I saw an old lady hugging a new born baby begging for money and sympathies…where she get the baby from?? Who were the parents? The next day I voiced out in front my colleagues, they were saying that the baby might rent from someone to them so they can get more money from begging around night market, shopping centers, and train stations or even at the walkways or Sky Bridge. Sad but true, that’s the life we all talking about, rich and poor, (actually I kind of afraid I’ll turn like them in the future, too good to be true, I’m learning my ways to become a better person and helps myself away from ending up with them. Cheers^^

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

my new hobby

here my new invention...check it out babe^^

Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Wondrous Caves Adventure

have you ever wonder that you'll actually go into caves and feel the differences? as for me,I've never experiences any of this but I've different story to be truth,i wont explore so much in Malaysia as I'm not really prepare to any kind of adventure...since i have this colleague named SamW, he been nagging everyone in the company and friends around for so long...since we all have a same lame holidays which fell on Malaysia's National Day (31st August )we decide to fulfill the desperators...

29th-31st August 2009

the Desperators: Jane,Nikky (couple), SamW and Jazz (couple), Jesse and Gary, Amos, Brandon, Chuan, and myself, Jeremy. 10 of us^^.

places we've been: KL-Ipoh-Taman Petama-the house we rented which i don't know where the heck is that- dinner at Ipoh's famous street with a lots of nga choi kai (beansprout chicken )shops...we stop at Lou Wong be honest, i don't find their "yummy" is yummy...what to do,some people like me just don't know how feel the taste of the "yummy" they mean...ending up I'm not fully stored...after all,i enjoyed the over all conversations between...
the 1st morning at Ipoh...hmmm...what have i done??? yeh, im the one who woke up 1st, i go to bath and i wake everyone up...then i took photo of their sleepy and blur looks...GOTCHA!!! haha...anyway,im a little bit sad course the place i wanted to have breakfast was fully packed!!!! which i damn not satisfied AT ALL!!! by the way,we had our breakfast...directly opposite the shop!!! i had my favorite beef noodle there^^and there we go...Gua Tempurung located at Gopeng Perak...their 1st journey start at 9 and we reach there at 8...duh! gila! and we met a friendly insect which i dont see the eyes but it fly like a pigeon...weird!!! he's cute ok!!! and we wait, cam whoring chit chatting bla bla the journey start with 1:stick the green badge showing GT and numbers...i got the 49(a lucky number?) whatever..briefing by the folk there...i dont know what the heck they said anyway...the whole journey is around 3 1/2 - 4 hours...something like that i guess...
to be continue together with the photos...chill mates~^^

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Introducing my new friend a.k.a colleague…his name is Spencer^^ he’s the 1st fellow with various of expression I’ve ever meet…well, after all, time doesn’t left much…he looks like a brother to me, I remember he asked me what I think bout him so far when we was in the car heading back office, I have the answer for that now, basically, he is cute, sometimes you heard what he talks sometimes not course his laughter was damn loud~!!! Spenc, you better change that…he’s funny with his blur attitudes and his very the “piss off” drama…words we used often “please la~!” ok fine~!” what else Spenc…?
Seriously, I never had a friend that acted so funny in front me…talk a lots and shares the same opinions and also interest… he tell me all the stories with this goofy English…are ya trying to be cool in front of me? Well Spenc, the girl is actually looking at ya thinking that you’re probably a stripper in a night club…when they look at me, they probably thinking am hot stuff^^ aint I? Spenc~!
Are we going to talk about the words spelling constipation again? Lols~!!!
God, you remind me a lots bout my long lost friend when I was in form3 (2002)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Astro Talent Quast 2009 (ATQ09)

from my title,do you guys think am going to participate it? no way~! am not that bitchy anyway...i mean,different people,different point of view...well,my bro is participating it and of cause,being his elder brother,of cause i have support he said,this is the 1st time he join,even if he disqualified,he'll take this as experience...well,up to him if he wanna try,no thing in my head is only why...i accompany him all the way to the hotel for audition and what i saw was,so much of youngster wanna be famous...i start wondering,is famous so important? well,is deniable actually,nowadays,those recording company started to invest on can see is very obvious that 8Tv,Astro and so forth are doing so...thus,i guess this investment isn't that wide business i name it...from east to west,north to south,everybody is competing to be famous...let's take the obvious example...Hollywood and Taiwan...the group of youngster such as F4,SHE SNSD,Westlife,Nickelback and so on,their doing well and a lots of new singer coming out fact,if you you really place yourself in doing the survey on how many new artists came out,you'll surprised yourself i guess. so,FAMOUS is money,money is famous...and this ATQ thingy is only for the Chinese...too bad I'm English educated and i cant understand Chinese's writing very well,but i do sing and talk in Chinese, that's not very the surprising because the world started to speak in Chinese ever since China wanna declare the Mandarin as the international language due to the majority or people using the language to communicate from high level business till the lowest grade of,it end up everybody started to learn Chinese including myself...lols~ so how now? wanna be famous and learn more Chinese~!!eat Chinese's food,live Chinese's life,wear like Chinese and sleep like Chinese...will you do? haha...other than this ATQ thingy, there still other kinda reality show like Ultimate group from 8tv,superstar from 8tv,previously there is something that Malay did, LG star...what about the akademi fantasia (AF)...gosh...there are too much to wow wow...i'll upload a few photos for you guys to well ATQ many participants...

3rd from my body and soul

the blog i visited,the feel i get from it and what my eyes saw...i could never imagine the life they having...i wish i could be a part of it,but it wasn't me to be around them...the group they hang out is not the topic i could fact,i hardly hop into their conversation...maybe they hang out together too much too often,ending up myself alone at the corner with no lights...i can see,but i hardly see them...i wonder was my faults and of cause,i would never bring this problem to my daily life,i wanna be the sunshine guy where i kept my smiles on my face...happily ever after...
anyway,without the group,i feel better,their dramas could never end, i guessing myself...tell you what, they keep saying where and when they going to travel, any pieces they saying,i cant even puzzled them up together in a piece...this is not friendship~! this is not buddy either...and of cause, this never show love to each other...obviously its pointing at me... let's face this...i deleted their emails, phone number and also their way to reach me, keeping myself super low fact,i got it right now...they rarely find me...the promises they made are never seems to be come true anyway...i never put hopes of any of the promises to come true anyway cause i been believing that there is no no for unbreakable promises...anyhow anyway anytime anywhere, promise seems to be the hardest thing i could found it so damn fake in the real life...
he said, his heart is broke, and nobody knew...what you mean anyway? "The Secret" he read it,and his-self manifested is what he decided...who else he wanna blame anyway...well,i seems to be caring too much on other's "happily ever after" life out there...yes, i kinda lost now...and i hardly found new gang of friendship nowadays...i mean,where and how should i do it? 3 semesters in my college,in 5 fingers,i can count who been caring and talking to me...and of cause, for a hyperactive guy like me have never wish for this awful daily life...i mean,who the hell wanted this dull life out there???heck them~! my daily life is only working...i keep myself from my super outgoing life since i started to work...and its coming to 1 year soon...i still struggling here...i did met a few of friend, but i couldn't bring them together, their character is too much too different to match up...perhaps i should let them meet up and see how they doing...

fuh~i found out that my blog doesn't have much photos huh...okay~i should do this i guess,every post i posted here,i should post together any photos...but the photos sometimes wont related to what im writing here...>.<

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

my birthday

I don’t know…my friends do celebrated it with me last 28 February. I didn’t blow any cake and so, I don’t considered it as my birthday….anyway, I still feel thankful for them to spend their time with me in the small karaoke room…on the march the 7th, my another group of friend who concerns me more than themselves celebrated with me again…for the pass few years, I’ve been celebrated with the same group of friends…at the special location which I’d call… guess where man, its Mc Donald~!!!! Well, I have born to be simple at most time. A simple celebration for my birthday is more than enough, without cake, im sure nobody will ever consider it as a birthday celebration. I understand that the economy crisis was bad at the mean time…well, forget it…somehow, I do get cake and candle to blow. I had 4 flavors of cake, which are low fat peach, chocolate indulgence, carrot cheese with pikachu on the cake and chocolate with mini dinosaur on top of the cake…and im finally 22. I wished for my career improvement, gadgets and also a secret.
I have my very 1st watch from my friend.. Ellesse, ambassador by Jay Chow which also my favorite singer from Taiwan. Thanks lot friends…you all were so special to me. Thanks again.